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Tubes and rods of Plexiglass (PMMA) and polycarbonate - pipes

Rúry a tyče z Plexiskla (PMMA) a polykarbonátu - trubky - PMMA tyče, okrúhle, štvorcové, trojuholníky.jpg PMMA Rúra Váza, výrobíme podľa Vaších požiadaviek
Svietidlo z PMMA bloku - výroba na požiadavku

We offer wide spectrum of pipes and rods from acrylic glass (PMMA) and polycarbonate.

Assortment of pipes(tubes) and rods:

  • plexiglas molten tubes (PMMA cats)
  • plexiglas extruded tubes (PMMAXT)
  • polycarbonate tubes
  • plexiglas molten rods (PMMA cast, round, square)
  • plexiglas extruded rods (PMMA XT, round, square, triangular


  • wide assortment of rods, in various color shadows and dimensions, suitable for exterior or interior
  • surface is high glosy, transparent or according the shadow (matte, satine)
  • easy processing, cutting, engraving, polishing, bonding
  • harmless


  • for design purposes building of models, aquariums, laboratories

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