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Twin-wall polycarbonate panel AKYVER

AKYVER PANEL is twin-wall sheet in size 400mm with inner S3F trihedral structure, 8W with octahedral structure or twin-wall sheet in size 50mm with inner 10hedral structure. Sheets are equipped with lock system keyway, which enables their mutual connection without any other helpful bearing member. One-sided coextruded protective layer ensures resistance against harmful effect of UV radiation. It is possible to use panels for planar glazing mostly of industrial and sport halls, sadle and  ?  skylights. They are produced in transparent and opal color.


Technical features



Size 40 mm 40mm
Weight 3500 g/m2 4000 g/m2
Component width 600mm 500mm

Total width

627mm 527mm
Length 6-7m, na mieru 6-7m, na mieru
Colors clear, opal clear, opal, above 300m2, color according request
Thermal stability od -40 °C do +135 °C od -40 °C do +135 °C
Transmissivity of light clear – 72% clear – 62%
opal – 52% opal – 40%
U – value 1,59 W/m2 °C 0,98 W/m2 °C

Attenuation of noise

22 dB ( A ) 24 dB ( A )


Installation of AKYVER PANELS is performed by original aluminium profiles, which are fixed to the construction hole. Usage of complete supplementary aluminium systems of profiles enables very fast and easy installation. Gummy jointing is used for sealing of outdoor side of transition between polycarbonate and aluminium frame. If hight of panel exceed recommended size by static calculation (see conctruct criterions) it  is necessary to grasp glazed areas by special anchors to the horizontal side-runner or to the vertical bearing element. These anchors verge into the groove in the panel., which is intended for that.

Construct criterions


  Height above the groundNumber of fieldsArea of roof or wallBorder of roof of wall to 2m
Closed building From 0 to 8 m ( pressure of wind 500 N/m2) One field 2350 mm 1600 mm
More fields 2450 mm 1150 mm
From 8 to 20 m ( pressure of wind 800 N/m2) One field 1950 mm 1250 mm
More fields 1850 mm 700 mm
Open building From 0 to 8 m ( pressure of wind 500 N/m2) One field 1700 mm 1280 mm
More fields 1350 mm 750 mm
From 8 to 20 m ( pressure of wind 800 N/m2) One field 1340 mm 1000 mm
More fields 850 mm 450 mm

We recommend!!!

Self-adhesive tape PP special:

New breakthrough innovation for beplastering of cut rims of twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. Tape is reinforced by polyprepylene foil with extreme resistance against rupture or mechanic damage. Self-adhesive tape PP Special is used for ending of cut twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. (necessary for long-life activity)

It is not completely possible to stop bilateral diffusion of water vapors through walls of polycarbonate sheets by any type of tape. Therefore, creation of condensate in twin-walls is necessary  and does not have any infuence in quality  or lifetime of sheet!

Self-adhesive tape PP special:

Prevent the formation of dust, water, insect and other impurities.

Breakthrough innovation in beplastering of polycarbonate sheets.

Main advantages:

  • does not tearhttp://www.titan-multiplast.cz/images/titan_productsAkyver/alupp.jpg
  • perfect seal of cut rims
  • attractive aluminium visage
  • long life

Tape is created from special polypropylene foil which is coated by aluminium layer.

Sticky part of the tape is furnished by glue which does not react with polycarbonate sheets.

Lenght of part(m)  Width of tape(mm)  Thickness for PC sheet(mm)  price(Euro/piece without DPH)

Samolepiaca páska PP, špeciál
Lenght of part (m) Width of tape (mm) Thickness for PC sheet (mm) price(Euro/piece without DPH)
50 25 4; 6; 8; 10 7,5
50 38 16; 20; 25 12
50 60 40 18,5
Montážne video zámkového panelu do systémových profilov
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