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AKYVER® DROPLESS - 1 AKYVER® DROPLESS - Sklenník dutinkový polykarbonát 10mm, NoDrop

Better drain of condensate and higher transfer of light

AKYVER DROPLESS- special surface modification at bottom side of polycarbonate sheets makes drain of condensate water easier, and by that it makes visibly better transfer of light, which is dropped to the glazed rooms.

Description of a product

On the areas which are glazed by standard polycarbonate sheets there is, mostly during winter months, on the inner side condensation of vapors and subsequently, there is also creation of water drops. These drops reflect light and visibly lower transfer of dropped light. With high moisture of air there is also danger of running-down of water drops to the area of glazed buildings.

Sheets AKYVER DROPLESS, thanks to a new technology, visibly reduce danger of these unfavorable phenomenons. Polycarbonate sheets AKYVER DROPLESS have on the bottom side surface modification, which for long time ensures excellent transfer of light and reduces risks of creation and running-down of water drops.

Without surface modification DROPLESS reflection of sun rays causes reducing of light penetrability

With surface modification DROPLESS good transfer of sun rays does not reduce light penetrability.


Condensation of vapors comes into existence in these parts of buildings where is inner moisture of air in direct contact with areas at which temperature lowers under dew point. Loss of light transfer is unwilling mostly in winter gardens or in roofing of pools. Though, it is biggest problem for green-houses, where lowest transfer of light unwillingly influnces growing of plants and forming condensated water drops concentrates ,as small lences, dropped sunshine into small points on plant´s surface, which is subsequently cause of anonther harms.

Technical features

Sheets AKYVER DROPLESS have on the inner side special surface modification which makes easier drain of condensated water. This modification reduces surface pressure, and because of that, on the bottom side of sheets, continuos, very thin water film comes into existence and it evenly drains from surface. This weak layer of a water does not have any influence on a transfer of light. In addition, it has bigger surface than possible drops and therefore, sheet surface will be faster evaporated and dryed . After evaporation of water film no „maps“ or stains, which can occur after evaporation of classic drops, remain on the botton side of sheet.


We recommend!!!

Self-adhesive tape PP special

New breakthrough innovation for beplastering of cut rims of twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. Tape is reinforced by polyprepylene foil with extreme resistance against rupture or mechanic damage. Self-adhesive tape PP Special i sused for ending of cut twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. (necessary for long-life activity)

Prevent the formation of dust, water, insect and other impurities.

Breakthrough innovation in beplastering of polycarbonate sheets.

Main advantages:

  • does not tearhttp://www.titan-multiplast.cz/images/titan_productsAkyver/alupp.jpg
  • perfect seal of cut rims
  • attractive aluminium visage
  • long life

Tape is created from special polypropylene foil which is coated by aluminium layer.

Sticky part of the tape is furnished by glue which does not react with polycarbonate sheets.

Lenght of part(m)  Width of tape(mm)  Thickness for PC sheet(mm)  price(Euro/piece without DPH)

Samolepiaca páska PP, špeciál
Dĺžka role (m) šírka pásky (mm) pre PC dosku hrúbka (mm) cena (€/ks bez DPH)
50 25 4; 6; 8; 10 7,5
50 38 16; 20; 25 12
50 60 40 18,5

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