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Description of a product

Effective barrier against warmth

AKYVER CONFORT PLUS was designated in experimental and development department of the company KAYSERSBERG as material limiting transmissivity of long-vawed infra red rays. In surface layer of material is special aluminium reflex layer mixed (patent KAYSERSBERG plastics). AKYVER CONFORT PLUS reduces amount of sun energy inside of glazed buildings, which is turned into a heat. In comparison with ordinary twin-wall sheets, lower warmth is created in a building when they are used, and thereby higher comfort is taking place.

Green-house effect

After drop of sun rays on a glazing material, there are these three effects:

  • reflection of sun energy
  • capture of sun energy
  • release of sun energy

Outgo of the energy is created when glazing material absorbes sun energy. Sun rays, which penetrates through glazing and are absorbed by floor, plants or by other objects of building´s interior, and they are turned into long-vawed infra red rays, which means into heat. AKYVER CONFORT releases most of visible light and short-vawed infra rays. It also limits penetrating of long-vawed infra-red light, which causes tepefaction of a building(this phenomenon is assigned as so-called green-house effect). Dropping sun energy is reflected and incandescence is limited.

Akyver Confort plus s IR filtrom

Technical features

AKYVER CONFORT PLUS is produced in sizes 10mm 4W; 16, 20mm 7W a 32K shade: opal.

AKYVER10 4W CONFORT plus16 7W CONFORT plus20 7W CONFORT plus
Foraát opal (mm/mm) 2100 / 6000,7000 2100,1200 / 6000,7000 2100,1200 / 6000,7000
Surface loading (g) 1900 2800 3200
Transmissivity of light (%) 55 53 50
Transmissivity of energy (%) 46 40 37
U- value (W/m2K) 2,4 1,7 1,55

Solar factor, energetic ratio

AKYVER 16mmTransmissivity of energy
Reflection of energy
Absorbtion of energy
Solárny factorTransmissivity of light
    Side Side    
outer inner outer inner
Sun Type clear 78 20 20 2 2 78 71
Sun Type opal 60 32 32 8 8 63 58
CONFORT PLUS opal 40 33 37 38 34 40 53

Solar factor represents ration between transmissed energy and complete dropping sun energy. During a winter people want the most penetration of light into a building, and during a summer they prefer glazing with low solar factor, to limit overheating of building´s interior. AKYVER CONFORT is optimal combination of good transmissivity of light and lowered heat in room.

Usage of sheets AKYVER CONFORT PLUS:

  • skylights in production halls
  • ice stadiums (ice stadium...)
  • winter gardens


We recommend!!!

Self-adhesive tape PP special:

New breakthrough innovation for beplastering of cut rims of twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. Tape is reinforced by polyprepylene foil with extreme resistance against rupture or mechanic damage. Self-adhesive tape PP Special is used for ending of cut twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. (necessary for long-life activity)

It is not completely possible to stop bilateral diffusion of water vapors through walls of polycarbonate sheets by any type of tape. Therefore, creation of condensate in twin-walls is necessary  and does not have any infuence in quality  or lifetime of sheet!

Self-adhesive tape PP special:

Prevent the formation of dust, water, insect and other impurities.

Breakthrough innovation in beplastering of polycarbonate sheets.

Main advantages:

  • does not tearhttp://www.titan-multiplast.cz/images/titan_productsAkyver/alupp.jpg
  • perfect seal of cut rims
  • attractive aluminium visage
  • long life

Tape is created from special polypropylene foil which is coated by aluminium layer.

Sticky part of the tape is furnished by glue which does not react with polycarbonate sheets.

Lenght of part(m)  Width of tape(mm)  Thickness for PC sheet(mm)  price(Euro/piece without DPH)

Samolepiaca páska PP, špeciál
Lenght of part (m) Width of tape (mm) Thickness for PC sheet (mm) price(Euro/piece without DPH)
50 25 4; 6; 8; 10 7,5
50 38 16; 20; 25 12
50 60 40 18,5
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