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Akyver S2F 10mm, Light

AKYVER S2F 10mm LIGHT is light-weight polycarbonate twin-wall sheet in size 10mm with dihedral structure and separation of twin-walls 10mm. Surface loading is 1560g/m2. It is suitable for HOBBY usage, mostly roofing of terraces, pergolas and garage gate, glazing of simple walls and sheds. Sheets have one-side coextruded UV protection- UV blended in surface layer of material (10 years guarantee).


Řez deskou AKYVER 10mm LIGHT



Basic features:

  • wide range of working temperatures (from -50 until +135 C)
  • amazing mechanicalfeatures, excellent consistence
  • good thermal features
  • lower weight=lower price

Usage of sheets AKYVER S2F 10mm LIGHT:

  • all types of roofing
  • green-houses
  • walls and roofs of garden sheds
  • splitting walls and others

Technical parameters:

AKYVER® 10mm LIGHT Value
U value (W/m2 °C) 3,0
Weight (g/m2) 1560
Air insulation (dB) 17
Transmissivity of light (%) clear 85
Min. radius of bending (mm) 1500
Standard dimensions (mm) 2100 x 6000

Construct criterions:

Values in charts indicate maximum lenght of sheets or distance between two bearers in mm for various widths(B) in dependece on surface equipment.

Surface equipment for separation of girders 1050/700/500 mm, 4 bearers, flexure 50mm 1050 700 500
600 N/m2 2000 3500 5000
900 N/m2 1400 2800 4000
1200 N/m2 1300 2200 3700

We recommend!!!

Self-adhesive tape PP special

New breakthrough innovation for beplastering of cut rims of twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. Tape is reinforced by polyprepylene foil with extreme resistance against rupture or mechanic damage. Self-adhesive tape PP Special i sused for ending of cut twin-wall polycarbonate sheets. (necessary for long-life activity)

Prevent the formation of dust, water, insect and other impurities.

Breakthrough innovation in beplastering of polycarbonate sheets.

Main advantages:

  • does not tearhttp://www.titan-multiplast.cz/images/titan_productsAkyver/alupp.jpg
  • perfect seal of cut rims
  • attractive aluminium visage
  • long life

Tape is created from special polypropylene foil which is coated by aluminium layer.

Sticky part of the tape is furnished by glue which does not react with polycarbonate sheets.

Lenght of part(m)  Width of tape(mm)  Thickness for PC sheet(mm)  price(Euro/piece without DPH)

Samolepiaca páska PP, špeciál
Dĺžka role (m) šírka pásky (mm) pre PC dosku hrúbka (mm) cena (€/ks bez DPH)
50 25 4; 6; 8; 10 7,5
50 38 16; 20; 25 12
50 60 40 18,5

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