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Corrugated sheets from hardened PVC SALUX

Vlnité dosky z tvrdeného PVC SALUX -


Features of sheets

  • Low weight
  • Easy workability
  • Easy montage by bores
  • High chemical resistance against acids and alkalies
  • Recyclable
  • Resistance against UV radiation and wind conditions
  • Low weight, versatile usage
  • Easy worakbility and manipulation
  • Easy montage by bores
  • High chemical resistance against acids and alkalies
  • Recyclable
  • Resistance against UV radiation and wind conditions
  • 10 years guarantee!

Usage of sheets

  • additional lightning of roofs, standings for cars and tool sheds
  • roofing of balconies and terraces, protective walls

Processing of sheets

  • cutting: by circular saw for plastics with small teeth, be careful about good pad and stable stop
  • drilling: by ordinary drills without changed whet, drilled hole has to be about 3-5mm bigger than average of used screw. The hole for the screw has to be drilled not broken.
  • Montage:min. slope of a roof is 8, do not perform in temperature lower than 5 C, average of the hole=2x average of a bare

Standard types of sheets



Standard formats


trapeze 70/18


1090 x 2500, 3000
size 0,8 mm



Ridge tile 76/18




Distance pad holder of a distance 70/18


Clamping set ( screw, forming+ EPDM pad )

Instructions for montage

Maximum distance of bearers  (distances of panopticons or partitions) in mm :


Montage on a roof

Montage on a wall

order or a wave

750 N/m2

1000 N/m2

500 N/m2

1000 N/m2


trapeze 70/18





1.,4.,7. atd


  • Unconditionally prevent against accumulation of a heat and against creation of condensate water!
  • Anchorage of the sheet during montage on a roof is performed through the upper wave with a using of a distance holder
  • During montage on a wall a fixation is performed on a lower wave
  • During connection of boards it is necessary to consider the direction of a wind (direction of a laying against the direction of a wind)
  • Minimum slope of a roof or roofing should be 8. With smaller slope of roofs overlay 2 waves
  • PVC sheets dilated according to a changing of temperature. Drilled hole has to have about 3-5mm bigger average than is the average of used screw.
  • Do not directly step on the PVC sheets, always put a ladder or a wooden sheet through a foam material.
  • CAUTION! PVC sheets can not be exposed to sunlight or moisture during a storing! Maximum temperature of the storing can not cross 60 C! Store until height max. 50 cm. Maximum temperature of room 40 C. Max. relative moisture of air 80%
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