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Compact PC sheets(full polycarbonate) MAKROLIFE-MAKROCLEAR


  • high transmissivity of light
  • good acoustic and thermal features
  • extreme resistance against coup
  • wide range of working temperatures
  • good vacuum forming
  • easy workability
  • nonshattering
  • both-sided resistance against UV radiation and wind conditions of sheets MAKROLIFE


  • light advertising, advertising boards
  • glazing, roofing
  • sound protection walls
  • safety glazing
  • covers of machines


  • cutting: by circular saw for plastics
  • drilling: by ordinary drills without changed whet
  • forming: forming temperature 210, bending during hot and cold, vacuum forming
  • linking: by sticking

Compact PC sheets SAPHIR

SAPHIR are polycarbonate sheets with hardened surface, unrecognisable from the glass. Sheets SAPHIR combine in themselves extreme high coup strength of polycarbonate with better resistance against wind conditions, high chemical resistance and excellent protection against abrasion and scratching. These feature is aimed by one- or both-sided layer from special hardened silicone, known as the best on the market.

Kompaktné PC dosky SAPHIR®


  • surface protection by hardened silicone layer
  • one or both sides resilient against scratching
  • resistance against wind conditions and chemicals
  • protection against sprayers and vandalism- graffiti can be easily removed
  • extreme coup strenght- unbreakability and nonshattering
  • amazing notch strenght
  • low weight in comparison with a glass
  • good acting in fire- hardly flammable material
  • high temperature range of usage -45 even +125 C


  • safety glazing of shops, exchanges or banks
  • sound protection walls, city mobiliari- protection against vandalism
  • sprayers will not have a chance because graffiti are not holding on SAPHIR
  • protective covers of machines and production lines
  • safety covers in chemical services

Formats and realization

Standard dimensions of sheets:

  • format 2050×3050 mm, 1250×2050 mm, SAPHIR 2000×3000 mm
  • size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20mm

Specialties ARLA PLAST

  • MAKROCLEAR®- PC sheets without UV stabilization
  • ANTIREFLEX® – PC dosky s antireflexnou úpravou povrchu
  • COLORADO®- PC sheets all repainted, nontransparent
  • SAPHIR®- PC sheets with special both-sided applied hard silicone layer, which increases surface hardness and resistance against chemicals
  • MAKROCLEAR® and MAKROLIFE® ANTI- STATIC-antistatic surface
  • And others- please contact us

Maintenance and cleaning

  1. do not use detergents which would may scratch the surface of the sheets MAKROLIFE
  2. do not use solvents and alcalic detergents
  3. do not remove dirts from surface by razors or by other sharp objects
  4. do not clean until are sheets MAKROLIFE hot from the sun
  5. do not use rubber spatulas, because stratching of the surface of sheets can be caused
  6. do not clean by stram of water in strenght higher than 50 bars
  7. use dilution of soap water or other gentle cleaners for cleaning
  8. dirts and dust wipe away only by wet or moist rag in the direction of gradient of fragmentation
  9. recommended frequection of cleaning of polycarbonate glazing is approximately 1-2 times per year, according real level of a pollution

Technical parametres

Physical features

  Norm Unit Value
density ISO 1183 kg/m3 1,2
Transmissivity of light   % 88
Absorption of water (24h, 23 °C, 50% RH) ISO 62 % 0,15

Mechanic features

  Norm Unit Value

Strength tensile on the limit of yield/at break

ISO 527 Mpa 63/70

Tensibility on the limit of yield/at break

ISO 527 % 6/110

Elasticity module in tensile

ISO 527 Mpa 2300

Elasticity module in bending

ISO 178 Mpa 2300

Impact strenght Izod +23 °C

ISO 180 kJ/m2 65
Impact strenght Izod -30 °C ISO 180 kJ/m2 10

Thermal features

  Norm Unit Value

Coefficient of linear thermal tensibility

DIN 53328 10-5 x K-1 6,5

Warmth of thermal flexure HDT A 1,80 Mpa

ISO 75 °C 132
Warmth of thermal flexure HDT B 0,45 Mpa ISO 75 °C 142

Thermal conductivity

DIN 52612 W/m.K 0,21

Resistance against fire

  Norm Unit Value

Flammability of construction materials

DIN 4102 klasifikácia B1

Electro-isolation features

  Norm Unit Value

Diaelectric constant, 1 kHz

IEC 250   2,9

Inner insulanting resistance

IEC 93 Ω.cm 1016

Surface resistance

IEC 93 Ω 1015

Diaelectric firmness, dry 1mm

IEC 243 kV/mm 30

Loss factor

IEC 250   0,001
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