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Compact acrylate PMMA sheets AKRYLON and PLEXIGLASS


  • good resistance against coup
  • possibility of bending during cold
  • very good transmissivity of light 92%
  • safety
  • easy workability
  • high resistance against UV radiation
  • good acoustic and thermal isolation features


  • advertising eye-cathers, signs and plastic letters
  • colorful light ads
  • table information stands and models for exhibitions
  • safety covers of machines
  • roofing of shelters, platforms
  • filling of windows and doors
  • equipment of interiors, dividing walls
  • soundprotection barriers

Types of materials

  • Extruded acrylic glass XT- more prone to creation of voltage cracks because of inner strain in material what can be shown in form of hairline cracks for instance in bonding link. This phenomenon can be removed by annealing. Lower price is advantage.
  • Molten acrylic glass GS- higher quality of surface, easier workability, smaller inner strain, higher price
  • Molten acrylic glass GS SC- molten acrylic glass reinforced fibers- highest quality and safety


  • cutting- table or hand circular saw with uncrossed saw tooth (cut teeths in occultation). During a cutting of sheets in size 4mm and coarser, a pitch the teeths should be 13mm. During a cutting is good to cool by water or air. Teeths of cutting disc should stand out closely under the surface of a sheet.
  • Breaking- is possible with sheets of size max 3mm and length max 500mm
  • Drilling- by ordinary cone or spiral drills with angle 60-90
  • Tooling- hob, cutting plotters, laser
  • Thermal forming- forming temperature 50-160C with extrudated and 160-175 with molten sheets. Heating spiral serves as a thermal source for spot heating, for complete heating there is heat oven. Timing of the heating is dependent on thickness of material
  • Bending during cold- minimum radius of bending.....thickness of material
  • Bonding- by unary or binary glues ACRIFIX. Applicate by syringe. Glued areas have to be connected right after appearance of bubbles
  • Polishing- possible to polish by hands or by machine on surface or on edges by recommended polishing pastes


Formats and design

Standard dimensions

  • format 2050×3050 mm, 1500×1000 mm only with clear sheets from 2 to 10mm
  • size 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25 mm


there is wide range of shadow of color in offer.

Additional assortment

  • tubes: outter average from 5-200mm, in standard length.. (average...)
  • rods: from average from 2 to 100mm in standard length 2000mm
  • profiles: square rods
  • glues: unary ACRIFIX 192 , binaryACRIFIX 190
  • cleaning and polishing pastes



New surface adjustment FROST in combination with a new shadows- ffor interiors and other creative applicatons in many others departments


Artic Blue, Aurora Violet, Glacier Green, Blush Pink, Lemon Sorbet, Polar White, Crystal


Plexisklo UVT SOLAR – je materiál špeciálne vyvinutý pre kryty opaľovacích trubíc solárií. Na rozdiel od klasického akrylátu sa vyznačuje vysokou priepustnosťou žiarenia UV-A a obmedzenou priepustnosťou UV-B žiarenia slnečného spektra.

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