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Technology of facing - Lining - Matrox


Facing materials= solution of problems with a flow/ an abrasion of materials

In this section we would like to indroduce a special design of plastics materials especially PE-UHMW (PE 1000) supplied as brands MATROX® a POLYSTONE M®. This material has high molecular weight (PE1000) 5-10mil.g/mol. With increasing molecular weight (length of molecular chains) resistance against abrasion is raising and simultaneously tenacity declines.

Material is characterized

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • High resistance against abrasion
  • High impact strenght



MATROX® Family - a group of materials developed for facing technology

  • MATROX® - extreme low coefficient of friction
  • MATROX® U110 - resists high temepratres (hot asphalt)
  • MATROX® EX 60 - permanently antistatic
  • MATROX® SE - flame-retardant
  • MATROX® X - increased hardness and resistance against abrasion

Contributions for a customer

Removal/significant reduction of material adhesion

- bigger amount of a transported material

- removal of a clogging of hoppers

Higher resistance against abrasion

- longer life of a device

- protection of underlying material

Area of usage :

  • Power of a hopper
  • Excavator bucket and blade
  • Concreting plants
  • Railway carriages
  • Cargo spaces for ships
  • Concreting plants...

It  is everywhere where is problem with a flow of material ( bonding of a material for example on the walls of concreting plants- forced outage), everywhere where abrasion occures and that leads to a depreciation of basicmaterials ( spoons excavators, tippers of a truck).

Roechling plastics

In cooperation with our partner Rechling Plastics we ensure:

  • CAD drawings on a basis of customers requirement
  • Selection and calculation of materials for the whole project including a fixing system
  • Organization and training of staff
  • Design of a realization by trained realization teams
Impact of molecular weight on PE

Vplyv molekulárnej hmotnosti na PE


hardness /tvrdosť/

e- module (firmness) /tuhosť/

density /hustotota/

attrition /opotrebení/


Amazing sliding and abrasion resistant features- removal of bonding of materials on the walls-improvement of flow of the materials

  • reduction/removal of downtimes because of shutdowns caused by a cleaning
  • higher life-time of sliding areas
  • improvement/acceleration of material flow
  • easy and quick montage

after considering of these factors is return of the initials investments very quick.

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