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Play - Tec material

Play - Tec materiál na výrobu detských ihrísk  Play - Tec materiál na výrobu detských ihrísk - PlayTec materiál na výrobu detských ihrísk - Zdravotne nezávadný

Sheets from Polystone® Play-Tec are produced in continuous extrusion manufacturing process. During the process they are coated with a layer resistant against scratching by a special embossing. Plastic formula helps Polystone Plya-Tec to its extreme resistance. Wind and weather do not change anything on a color shades (UV stabilized material)

Kids like bright colors

Sheets from Polystone®Play-Tec are available in one-tone or in two-tones, coextruded sheet with three layers. That means that both outter layers in size approximately 2mm have different color than core of the sheet. Despite that is sheet material completely homogenous. That offers creative options. Colour of the sheet core is occured by a milling into depth 3mm- this is how it is possible easily create areas by contoures. Print, taping or screwing on of forming elemets is then useless. Because kids like colorful world we offer Polystone®Play-Tec in various colors and tones. Diversity does not have limits- from gaudy tones until decent pastel tones.

Polystone® Play-Tec offers advantages

  • No laquering, Play-Tec is homogeneously repainted so also deep scratches remain almost invisible, no used places
  • Waterproof, no swelling or delimination
  • Nonshattering, no risk of injury by shards
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Anti.nutritive base for bacteria and fungi
  • Resistant against chemicals
  • Good mechanical firmness
  • Creative, two-tone creation of areas by milling
  • Easy processing by tools for wood

Manufacturing programe  Polystone® Play-Tec:

Polystone®Play-Tec can by supplied with both-sided matched or polished surfaces. Both sides are essentialy coated by protective foils PE. We supply standard sheets in dimensions 1200x12,7; 15; 19mm.

Please contact us in case of other formats, sizes and lengths.


We take on complete treatment by modern machinetools CNS according the sample or sketch instead of you.

Play - Tec

Polystone® Play-Tec Material which endures a lot.

Material Polystone®Play-Tec, which we introduce, was developed for constructing of toys for kids such as: swings, slides or houses placed in exterior. Polystone Play-Tec is also suitable for many other creative variety of usage: labels and displays, equipment of kids gardens, design elements and free-time equipment, supplements for wave pools and swimming pools.

Produced for kids

Products from  Polystone®Play-Tec are intended especially for kids.

You discover their world through all senses. That´s why producer especially focused on wholesomeness and used only material and mixtures that are admissible for direct contact with food. This material satisfies claims of standards for toys EN71 valid in whole Europe. Saliva harmlessness is matter of course.

playtec trojvrstvý

Play-Tec neabsorbuje vodu

Three- layered, coextruded sheet Polystone Play-Tec offers creative potential. By milling areas can be easily and permanently edited.

Clean and easy for maintenance

Polystone®Play-Tec with its water and dirts repellent surface  can be easily treted. Water drops are plainly reflected. Graffity can be also easily wiped or removed from surface by high pressure cleaner.

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