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Softened PVC

Mäkčené PVC - protiprievanové clony - PVC termozávesy Mäkčené PVC - Protiprievanové clony Titan-Tatraplast Mäkčené PVC - Protiprievanové clony TITAN
Mäkčené PVC - Clona s hrebeňovou lištou Mäkčené PVC - clona so zvernou lištou Mäkčené PVC - Clona so zvernou lištou a prítlačným profilom
Mäkčené PVC - FeZn (nerez)Hrebeňová lišta Mäkčené PVC - Nosné FeZn (nerez) hrebeňové plechy na PVC pásy, komplet (1+1ks) Mäkčené PVC - Zverná lišta nad alebo do otvoru
Mäkčené PVC - PVC Clona s plastovou QM lištou Mäkčené PVC - PVC Clona s plastovou QM lištou 2

Plastic is mostly used as a filling of louvers or pendulous gates.


Striped curtains from softened PVC are served as antiwind veils, they lower thermal losses during a winter, limit leaks of cold in freezer boxes, prevent to penetration of a dust into the objects, may lower noise level, and secondarily can serve as another source of day light.

Veils may be used according the concrete situation up to the height 5-6m. what is important is proper dimensioning od the veils according the size of a plastic and percentage of covering of a particular stripes.



They are produced from transparent laminations .......mm( width/ seize of material). Usage for a range from -35 C even to +60 C with the exception of cold stores.


They are produced from laminations 200/2 and 300/3. They are used from +5C to -45 C in freezer boxes. It is inappropriate to install this type of plastic at places with higher temperature or with permanent sun radiation.


  • veils to the welding boxes from plastic of dark shadow with UV filter which prevents to a penetrating of ultraviolet rays
  • veils with a traversing to the side, a whole width of the veil can be moved or just a part
  • colorful veils from laminations 200/2 mm of seventeen types

The offer includes transparent plastics and also clear ones. Colorful plastic is suitable mainly for interior section with need of a particular degree of intimacy or with requirement of support a company image.

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