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Linear drive JoFo

JOFO 500-300-LA, zdvih300mm, 500N

Electric motor JoFo Jm type LA

Basic description

Maintenance- free electric linear drive JoFo is of small size, thanks to the compact form, and case from a high- quality plastic, and is suitable mostly for opening of ventilation wings and point skylights.

Its construction with a rich equipment enables very wide range of usage for example opening of facade windows , adjustment of satellite antennas, control of sun.brekings and laminations, etc.

Linear drive JoFo is during an over-loading in a pull (during a pull power bigger than 150N) automatically switched off. Limit switches ensure a switching off in a both ending positions. Drive JoFo is suitable also for a parallel connection for instance during opening of a bigger wings or point skylights. Construction of a drive case from a high-quality plastic does not require grounding (safety line wire). Linear drives JoFo are dimensioned and tested for 10.000 working cycles (opening- closing).

Technical specifications

Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power 140 W / 0,6 A
Protection IP 54
Thermal protection 115 °C
Operating enviroment 60 °C max.
Lift/pull 500 N / 150 N
Max. loading 3300 N
Lift 300 mm
Lenght of a lift about 30 s
Running (operation mode) S2 – 1 min
Power cable H05RN – F 5×0,75 mm2
Color RAL 9002
Weight 2 kg

Construction of electric motor is dimensioned for a loading 10.000 cycles

Detailed scheme JoFo JM type LA

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