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Dotted PMMA and PC skylight

Bodové PMMA a PC svetlíky - Oblukový bodový svetlík Bodové PMMA a PC svetlíky - Pultový svetlík


All types of dome skylights can be supplied as a vent ones. Vent (opening) realization includes a frame form firm PVC profile, on which dome, stainless hinges and opening mechanism are fixed. With a circular skylights opening frames from a polyester are used.

Manual ventilation

Opening mechanism for manual ventilation is supplied as a brass screw with a lift 300mm, for control of the opening in a various heights, attachable handles are supplied in a various lenghts (1,5-3m)

Electric ventilation

Opening mechanism for electric ventilation is supplied as an electric motor including necessary grips with a various lifts of draft sensing and a control button. For a various sizes (weights) of skylights, electric motors with a various loading capacities are supplied.

Output on the roof

Skylights with a manual and aso electric ventilation can be easily combine with the oputput on the roof, that is supplied in two variants: variant with two chains which prevent against fall of a dome on the roof, or variant with two mechanic pistons. Both variants are supplied with a handle for better opening and closing of the output and with a mechanism for removing of a screw or eletric motor. Skylight can be also supplied only as the output on the roof without any option of a ventilation. In this case, the skyligh is added by a mechanical lock, which ensures a dome against automatic opening.

A dome

Domes are produced from acrylate glass (PMMA) or from polycarbonate (PC) or PET-G. according a form we divide domes on convex and pyramidal.standard are domes supplied as clear or opal, in realization as monostichous, two-ply or three-ply. Individual layers are bonded to themselves and sealed by a silicone sealant. Domes are fixated by a stainless screws to the supplied ruffs, while its own connection is protected by a plastic cover. It  is possible to supply the domes separately without lower ruffs. During montage  of a separate dome on the original frames or ruffs it is important to observe the installation instructions that is attached to the dome. Domes can be also supplied in other color shades, for instance smoky.


Ruffs are produced from fiberglass or steel. Both types of ruffs are highly insulating thanks to a polyurethane, that is placed inside od outer and inner wall of a ruff. Ruffs from a fiberglass are either skewed so, in order to difference between upper dimension of ruff and lower dimension (hole in a roof) makes 20 cm with all supplied heights-15, 30 and 20cm, or perpendicular. Fiberglass ruffs are double-cup, by which is guaranteed enough of firmness and stability. Bearing surfaces of ruffs are adapted to an easy montage on the roof construction. All types of ruffs can be supplied with an attachments for trapezoidal and corrugated sheet metal. Attachments are made-to-measure always according a sample of sheet metal used on the roof. Montage of a ruff with attachment is performed as a montage of ordinary piece of roof cover. Steel ruffs are standardy supplied from a galvanized sheet metal. they are perpendicular and high 15, 20,30cm. Polyurethane isolation can be enclosed by a layer of glassfiber from the outer side.

Dimensional lineup of point skylights



A-dimension of a light passage           B- dimension of a hole in the roof         C- outer dimension of a dome


Elementary dimensions in cm Dome Pyramids Ruffs
PMMA, PC, PET-G Combination of listedPMMA, PC, PET-G laminated
(dome) (construction hole) 1- layer double triple 1- layer double in 15 cm in 30 cm in 50 cm
40×40 60×60
50×50 70×70
60×60 80×80
70×70 90×90
80×80 100×100
90×90 110×110
100×100 120×120
120×120 140×140
130×130 150×150
140×140 160×160
150×150 170×170
160×160 180×180
180×180 200×200
30 X 80 50×100
40×70 60×90
40×100 60×120
60×90 80×110
60×150 80×170
60×200 80×220
60×220 80×240
70×100 90×120
75×120 95×140
80×130 100×150
80×180 100×200
80×220 100×240
80×230 100×250
80×280 100×300
90×120 110×140
90×150 110×170
100×130 120×150
100×150 120×170
100×160 120×180
100×200 120×220
100×220 120×240
100×230 120×250
100×250 120×270
120×150 140×170
120×180 140×200
120×210 140×230
130×160 150×180
130×190 150×210
130×220 150×240
130×230 150×250
130×250 150×270
160×220 180×240
160×230 180×250
160×250 180×270
o 40 o 60
o 50 o 70
o 60 o 80
o 70 o 90
o 80 o 100
o 90 o 110
o 100 o 120
o 120 o 140
o 130 o 150
o 140 o 160
o 150 o 170
o 160 o 180
o 180 o 200

Instructions for installation of point skylights

Surface, on which is a ruff installed, has to be completely straight, dry, without any oiliness and mechanical dirts. It it is possible, install a skylight right on the hydroisolation layer. Point skylights are intended for the installation on a flat roofs with maximal slope 15 degrees.

Point skylights can be installed on :

  • roof hatch
  • roof hatch equipped by a tiling- undercoat

Surface, on which is a ruff fixed is the last layer of roof cover and sorrounding of a hole allows to screw a ruff or to anchor by a fasteners.

Drill a holes (4 to 8) to the lower bearing surface of a ruff for to anchor of skylight (pic. 1). Place a ruff on the hatch and drill holes for screws and fasteners. Put a continuous stripe of construction silicone as a premium seal (dashed) on a bearing surface. All drilled holes lay inside od surface bounded by a silicone (important for a right function of the premium seal). Put a ruff and screw it to the base. Spread squeezed silicone all around. Stick one hydro-isolation layer on a ruff. On the top start closely under upper flange , down stretch approximately 10cm behind the margin of the flange (pic.2). reimburse corners and carefully seal an upper connection of hydro-isolation by a ruff.

On a remaining surface of a roof will be placed thermal isolation (or gravel, soil)

Use a higher skylight ruff (30 or 50 cm) and proceed according 1. Undercoat can be most easily produced from a wood (thermally insulates), steel or Al sheet metals, trimmed or concreted. Width of the undercoat will be at least 12cm, height according a need (joist on pic. 2). Undercoat can be isulated, further proceed according 1.

Montage of a dome without a ruff

It there can not be used previous instructions, for example during a replacement of and old domes, it  is necessary to prevent of direct sonnection of a dome with a dark undercoat (isolation, sheet metal etc.) foamback a dome with a wooden frame or equip a sheet metal undercoat by a resilient white paint. During a connection of a dome with a dark surface happens a thermal expansion influenced by a high temperature of undercoat and danger of its damage comes into existence , mostly in a place of connection of a dome with undercoat.

Electrical installation for a controlling of ventilation

Part of a supply is an alternation switch, that is installed on a standard deep pack. Lead to it the power supply 3Cx1 through a special circuit breaker. Servomotor 230V/50Hz has three working and one protective intake. Four drivers (most often 5Cx1) are led to the interconnection box with a chocolate (?). box is placed in a soffit of a skylight, outside of axis (otherwise it is overlapped by an engine). Component of supplied servomoter is a flexible power cable which is connected to the chocolate. On request the switch flush can be added,and it is installed on a standard deep box.

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