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All-aluminium skylight system AKYLUX

Strešný svetlík oblúkový, s otváracím krídlom Strešný svetlík oblúkový, s otváracím krídlom 1 Strešný svetlík oblúkový pohľad z interiéru
strešný svetlík sedlový Strešný svetlík oblúkový - bodový Strešný svetlík Pultový
Strešný svetlík oblúkový

Skylights of a storage and sport halls, exhibition pavillons, roofing of sport fields, stops, fuel stations, parkingsand pools. All aluminium structural glazing system AKYLUX is intended for a production of strip arch skylight and sheds. System is conceived as modular and dimensionally variable.


It is created by rounded closed bearing profiles, which are screwed to the self-bearing circumferential profile. Circumferential profiles are attached to the trim of a roof hole. On so created bearing construction, glazing polycarbonate sheets AKYVER are placed, and they are bending during cold directly on the construction and fix by a compressive rails. Fixation is performed by a tension of compressive rails against the circumferential profiles by a tension lugs,and balanced snagging of glazing in all construction arch is achieved. Outside of bearing profiles is glazing material located into aluminium „U“ profile and is tight by a seal EPMD.

Dimensional parametres

All aluminium construction glazing system AKYLUX is self-supporting, and it is produced on a request according a dimensional requirements normally in a range from 0,9 to 5, in unlimited length from1m, with a camber of arch, which is eqal to 1/5 and 1/8 of the range. Bearing closedprofiles fulfills a requirements for bearing capacity against loading of climate conditions according corresponding CSN and EN for 1. And 5. Snow area. It is possible to embed a bearing profiles in axial distances 500-2100 with a range 1/5 and 1/8 according the loading ratio.

Glazing material AKYVER®

Polycarbonate sheets AKYVER are glazed into a bearing construction in sizes 6, 8, 10, 16mm. Twin-wall trammel polycarbonate sheets are characterized by a very good thermal isolation features, high impact strenght (250x more resilient against breakage than a glass), amazing optic features and thanks to UV stabilization also with a high resistance against wind conditions, they ensure a long life.


Belt arched skylights are supplied according a reqest in a firm realization or with opening wings. Their construction fully uses the way of creation of firm construction, they are stored in the hinges and according the range of a skylight they are also transverse and longitudinal reinforced. Special compressive rails are used on a sealing towards a frim construction, and they exceed above a sides of the firm construction. Opening and closing of ventilation wings is ensured by a noiseless, non-maintenance, resilient against wind condition linear engines, whiach are able to transfer a power even 5kN. They are controlled by automatic or manual centrals, which use signals from a fire sensors, or sensors of rain or wind for a controlling of the engines. This system can be independent on outside source of energy (ventilation of escape routes).

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