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Plastic clapboard with wooden imitation

Plastový šindel s imitáciou dreva - 1 Plastový šindel s imitáciou dreva - 2 Plastový šindel s imitáciou dreva - 3
Plastový šindel s imitáciou dreva - 4 Plastový šindel s imitáciou dreva - Včelý úľ Plastový šindel s imitáciou dreva - strieška na včelom úle
plastový šindeľ čierny Plastový šindel  červený Plastový šindel čierny hladký
Plastový šindel s imitáciou dreva - prístrešok Plastový šindel zelený

Plastic clapboard covering, wood imitation-plastic clapboard

Installation instructions

  1. Lower sheet fixed on a rafter according pic. number 1 (download pdf) is a basis for quality of the whole roof. Lower rim has to be straight for all length of a roof.
  2. Fix panicles on the rafter by a similar way as on the other types of coverings with a spacing. According pic.n.1
  3. Fix guidance bars on the lower sheet (to nail, to screw), through the holes on a guidance bars, always to stop, on a lower rim of lower sheet. (producer recommends fixing by screws for wood....or....or with a nails..)
  4. We recommend the same fixature also on a clapboard.
  5. Start fixing from the left side of a roof.
  6. Control a panicling like that after selection,you push to stop all column of clapboards in strips and clapboards.there should be a panicle under the holes in clapboard. You can use that also with a selective fixing of a panicles
  7. Fix the last panicle in spacing aacording pic.n. 2(download pdf)
  8. Adapt a comb panicle (dimension 5) to the angle of roof in this way that comb cover will overlay the last column of clapboards and nails in the last column of the clapboards. Simultaneously  it has to sit on the comb panicle after fixing by stops.
  9. It is ideal to choose the length on the rafter to maintain a spacing of a panicling. Otherwise it is needed to shorten the upper column of a clapboards. That is the same with a length of a roof and the last column of clapboards.
  10. It  is possible to perform a shortening  of clapboards or their overlay in the axils of the roof by a handsaw for wood or for metal, on the circular with a blade with more teeth.
  11. Perform a flashing of shield sheets in the same way as with the other roof coverings.


Low weight( approximately 6kg/m2)
Non-maintenance covering (no need of prints)
Quick=cheap montage
UV stability
Technical description:
Name..........................plastic clapboard
Part of a product........ridge, lower rail
Dimension:.................2x364x411mm (9pieces/m2)
Ridge consumption........3parts/bm
Drip edge........................3parts/bm
Clapboard is produced from the plastic material HDPE- shade black or brown


  1. Plastic clapboard, wooden decor: shade brown or black 1,39/ piece
  2. Ridge: shade brown or black 1,58/piece
  3. Drip edge: shade brown or black 0,95/piece
  4. Shield sheet metal L=1850mm: shade brown or black 8,66/piece
  5. Trough sheet metal L=1850mm:shade brown or black 9,45/piece

Gived prices are without DPH 20%


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