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Akyprint- sheet suitable for direct digital print or screen printing

Sheets AKYPRINT ® are three-ply polyprepylene sheets with astud structure. Middle layer is formed, thermal isolated, while the both outer layers are straight. This structre offers high density of studs, that create horizontal stripes (sheet does not bend). Big studs guarantee lightness and straight surface of sheets and result is surface of sheet, which is smooth and straight, for a quality imprint.

Basic features


Struktura desky AKYPRINT



  • suitable for inner and outer usage
  • touch, rigid, inflexible
  • lightweight
  • straiqht, sanded surface
  • ensure a quality imprint
  • non-transparent
  • resilient against fire, nonflammable, refractory
  • easy workability (easy to cut, chop, puncture, machine, weld)
  • resistant against moisture, oils and chemicals
  • ecologic product


Usage of sheets AKYPRINT®


TLAČ: Akyprint je optimálne riešenie pre všetky tlačové problémy pri obojstrannej tlači
VRSTVENÉHO: vzhľadom k povahe vrchnej plochy dosky sa ľahko laminujú
REKLAMA: vynikajúci na spracovanie a výrobu krabíc, vhodné pre prezentačné stojany a reklamné materiály
Výroba stánkov: vďaka nízkej hmotnosti (platí aj u veľkých formátov) je s doskami jednoduchá manipulácia
  • PRINT: Akyprint is optimal solution for all printing problems with a duplex print
  • LAMINATED: they are easily laminated because of the nature of upper sheet
  • ADVERTISING: excellent for processing and production of boxes, suitable for a presentation stands and advertising materials
  • Production of stands: thanks to a low weight (also with big formats) it is easy manipulation with the sheets


Technical parameters

  Usage in exterior Usage in interior
(with UV stabilization) (fireproof)
Size (mm) 3 5 3 5
Weight (kg/m2) 900 1600 900 1600
Formát * (mm) 1200 x 2000 1200 x 2000 1200 x 2000 1200 x 2000
2050 x 3050 2050 x 3050 2050 x 3050 2050 x 3050
Color bílá
Adjustment Corona ** Corona + UV stabilization Corona + UV stabilization Corona Corona
Flammability class     B-s2, d0 C-s3, d0


Other formats on request


electric treatment of sheets for a guarentee of their betterprintability, lasts 3 months

Tolerance Size Surface weight Lenght With
+ 0,1 mm / - 0,2 mm ± 5 % ± 1 % ± 2 mm


Surface adjustment of sheets

UV stabilization

18 months with permanent influence of UV radiation, (on request even 48 months)

Antistatic adjustment 6 months (on request)
Corona Electric treatment of sheets for guarantee of better printability, durability 3 months, (min. 38 dyn)

Recommended colors for a print


Type of printing color

Print technology
MARABU Maraprop PP screen printing
Marapoly P
Ultraform UV FM170
SERICOL Polydyne YD+ZC521 screen printing
Poluscreen PS386+ZV551
Multydyne LY+ZE818
Uviplast UP+ZE832
DUBUIT Uviplak + 5 % kalič ST305 screen printing
BRANCHET palett Kromoplast screen printing

These information are not complex and have just indicative value. Before printing perform an adequate test. If you want to get a detail information, turn to your suppliers. Digital printing colors will be simultaneously tested.

Akyprint 3mm

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