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Composite sheets Neobond - Alupbond

Alupanel XT Series colour Range 1 Alupanel XT Series colour Range 2 Alupanel XT Series colour Range 3
Alupanel XT Series colour Range 4 Kompozitné dosky Neobond - Alucobond - Kompozitné dosky Neobond - Alucobond - 1
Kompozitné dosky Neobond - Alucobond - 2 Kompaktné obkladové HPL dosky exteriér - Al Omega profil na lepenie - nitovanie HPL dosiek a Alupanelov Kompozitné dosky Neobond - Alucobond - 3
Kompozitné dosky Neobond - Alucobond - 4 Kompozitné dosky Neobond - Alucobond - 5 Alucobond -

Composite sandwich panels NEOBOND

Sandwich panels NEOBOND is produced from polyethylene (PE) or mineral (FR) core and from two aluminium sheet metals in size 0,21-0,3 or 0,5mm. Iuter surface of panels is treated by polyester or PVDF coating with extremly high chemical resistance that enables color stability and protects a surface against influences of UV radiation and wind conditions.


Size of panel                               3 a 4 mm

Size of aluminium                        0,21 - 0,3 - 0,5 mm

Standard dimensions                   1220/1500 x 3100/4100 mm

Max. dimensions                         1575 x 6000 mm

Alucobond, Neobond



Advantages of panel NEOBOND

Low weight 1,6x lower weight in comparison with aluminium

3,3x lower weight in comparison with steel

High firmness and resistance

Extremely straight and smooth surface

Resistance against wind conditions, temperature range of usages -50 to +80

High resistance against corosion C

Low coefficient of thermal expansion

Easy workability-cutting, drilling, milling

Good acoustic and thermal insulating parametres



Outer facing of facades new or reconstructed buildings

Facing of balconies, banisters and roofing of buildings

Outer facing of walls and ceilings

Facing of gas stations, tunnels and bearing columns

Advertising panels, information boards, exhibition stands

Production of non-standard constructions requiring fire resistance

Features of panels NEOBOND

Size of panel

Siez of Al layers


Noise attenuation Rw

Coefficient of thermal expansion

3 mm

0,21 / 0,21

3,55 kg/m2

20 dB

0,0282 mm/m/ C

3 mm

0,3 / 0,3

3,86 kg/m2

22 dB

0,0285 mm/m/ C

4 mm

0,5 / 0,5

5,5 kg/m2

24 dB

0,0287 mm/m/ C

Mechanical features

Bending strength                                               114 Mpa

Elastinc bending modulus                               2,54 x 104 MPa

Resistance against penetration       9,8 kN

Shear strength                                 30,1 MPa

180 pull out strength of the core     10,1 N/mm

Coefficient of thermal expansion      2,87 x 10-5 °C-1

Temperature for deformation          105 °C


Color realization of panel

Standard lineup involves 30, another shades can be supplied on request

Základné odtiene Neobond

Types of recommended grooves for bending

Typy doporučených drážok pre ohyb

V groove for bending to the angle 90    Rectangular groove for bending to the angle 180      V groove 135 grees for bending to the angle 45

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