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Wegener SV

Wegener SV presents an economic variant of welding machine with a butt method. The welding machine has a massive frame with steel construction, which enables to weld materials to a size 20mm. It is produced in realization with a working width 2 to 4m.

General information

Wegener SV is a basic model of lineup of welding machines with a butt technology. Altough it is not and economic variant for machines of lineup SM, the main technologies of company Wegener are also used here.machine is equipped by a patented system of drive of table sheets, which is a base for quality welding. Controls are easily manageable and all important parametres for a welding process can be set by a control panel. With respect to an emphasis on a low price, there is no additional equipment offered with a machine.


Basic features:

  • Welding of thermoplastic materials until size max 20mm
  • Rugged frame of steel construction
  • Patented synchonized drive of a table according DVS 2208-1
  • Heater with PTFE spray
  • More types with a various working width
  • Easy maintenance

Possibilities of usage

  • Welding of thermoplastic sheets by a butt method
  • Production of tanks, purifiers and pools
  • Working widths 2 to 4 m
  • Usage for a materials of size max. 20mm
  • Technical parametres

Technical parameters

Length of machine without a control panel (mm) 2 150 3 150 4 150
Width of machine (mm) 1 300 1 300 1 300
Height of machine (mm) 1 200 1 200 1 200
Total weight (kg) 1 500 1 900 2 400
Max. working width(mm) 2 050 3 050 4 050
Max. size of a material(mm) 20
Min. cross-section of a welding profile(mm) 360 x 210
Min. average of a welding roll (mm) 400
Connection to el. system 230/400V 3/N/PE
Input (kVA) 2,5 3,5 4,5
Clamping force  (with  8bar) 20kN 30kN 40kN
Pressure of a table min. 500 N 600 N 700 N
Pressure of a table max. (with 8bar) 8 kN 10 kN 14 kN
Heater 15 x 50 mm PTFE spray
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