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Equipment for welding guns

We supply additional equipment for welding machines and devices, which facilitate your work with welding of plastic materials. You always find spar parts for particular devices at concrete product in form of file for downloading.


Additional equipment


Planer with exchangeable blade

Planer is intended for removing burrs which were created during welding by method „butt“. In case of attrition cut blades can be exchanged.

Trojhranná škrabka

Triangular scraper

Universal triangular scraper is suitable for adjustment of place of a weld, mostly of fillet welds.

Nůž ve tvaru půlměsíce

Knife in shape of half-moon

Universal knife in shape of half-moon for treatment of a material.

Kontaktní teploměr

Contact  thermometer

Digital contact thermometer can be applied during control of set temperature of hot-air device, as well as preheating of extrusion devices. Further, it is possible to perform the temperature control of heating elements of welding and bending machines.


Flow meter

Flow meter for a control and regulation of an amount of supplied air for hot-air devices without their own air blow. Flow meter  measures amount of air in scope 0 to 100 l/min.

Škrabka na svařovací drát

Scraper for a welding wire

Scraper for a welding wire of various averages and profiles enables to remove upper degraded layer  from  the welding wire and thereby to aim more quality weld.

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