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Duratherm SC

Device Duratherm SC came into existence by connection of models Duratherm and Airtherm 1600. It offers the best from the both models- low weight together with a perfect ergonomy. Simultaneously it does not need an air-blower and therefore is equally mobile as models with their own air-blower. Device is intended for a screw welding jets.

Basic features

  • Its own air-blower and temperature regulation by a potentiometer
  • Fully rotary handle
  • Wde range of a screw welding jets
  • Protection of a heating element
  • Control of an amount of supplied air
  • Easily changeable carbons of rotor

Possibilities of using

  • Welding of thermoplastic sheets, tubes and foils
  • Forming of thermoplastic materials
  • Producing of tanks, cleanerds and pools
  • Repairs of plastics in car industry

Technical parameters


Connection to el. system

230 V 50/60 Hz

Need of air amount  (l/min)

Its own air-blower

Adjustable temperature  (°C)

20 - 600 ºC

Heater power (W)



950g without a hose

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