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  • Extruder is intended for a welding of PE, PP, PVDF and other thermoplastic materials, in realization of PVC and also for welding of PVC
  • Model ALPHA SC is equipped by its own air blow for preheating and by a rotary shoe in scope 360 degrees (so-called twisty shoe)
  • Model ALPHA C (pic. Down) is also eqipped by a twisty shoe and silmultaneously has a unit for a temperature regulation placed out of extruder and by that weight is lowered
  • Extremely easy manipulation
  • Optimal ratio between melting temperature and preheating temperature
  • Electronic regulated preheating temperature
  • Electronic regulated melting temperature
  • Current temperature (preheating and melting) on a digital display
  • Protection against a start during cold
  • Secured quality of weld by stopping of engine, in case set temperatures are not followed
  • Electronic regulation of a speed drive
  • Optional welding speed
  • Easily exchangeable PTFE-welding shoes
  • Easily adjustable holder, compact construction, protected routing of the cables

Performance 5100 W 4700 W
EL. connection 400/230 v 3/N/P 400/230 v 3/N/P
Need of air 350l/min vlastný zdroj
Heating power 3000 W 2600 W
Welding power 4,8kg/hod 4,8kg/hod
Recommended tl. of a wall 6-30mm 6-30mm
Weight 11,9kg 13,5kg
Free transport of purchased material in SR area
Free technical advisory service
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