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Air blows

Air blow DT16 is primary intended for production o fair for all models of extrusion devices wchod do not have their own preheating (standard models with mark EC). However, it can be used for other application, where supply of fresh air is needed.

General information

Air blow DT16 is maintenance free air blow, whose primary role is a supply of fresh air without oil, water and dirts. It is used for production of air for all extrusion devices without their own preheating. Amount of air can be regulater until 350l/min.

Basic features

  • Rugged movable air blow
  • One output for connection of external device
  • Integrated atmosperic vent
  • Production of fresh, filtred air without dirts
  • Power cable 2,5m with a plug

Possibility of usage

Production of fresh air for extruders without their own air blow( standard types EC)

Technical parameters

Connection to the electrical system

230 V 50/60 Hz

Number of outputs

Produced air(l/min) 350 with 0,6 bar
Performance (W) 1 100
Free transport of purchased material in SR area
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