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GEOWELD POWER is a compact machine with lowered weight, better nanageability and with high working performance. The machine weighs only 5,3 kg and it is intended for all available types of materials and helps to solve the most difficult welding works such as for example welding in a tunnel, too small radius bend, thin-walled material, but also materials with size of a wall until 3mm.

General information

Device Geoweld POWER is produced in various variants, consisting of choice of some types of wedges, pinch wheels and springs. Therefore, you can have the machine available in realization for a welds near the cut on thin- walled PVC, welding with a testing channel or thick- walled materials. With a drive and guard rod is welding on a ground very easy thing. Change of a wedge, that is for other machines difficult issue is for device Geoweld POWER easy issue as well as maintenance of a chain drive.

Basic features

  • More variants for various applications
  • Quality welds by a hot wedge technology
  • Regulation of temperature,pressure and drive speed
  • Easy maintenance and change of parts
  • Wide range of additional equipment

Possibilities of usage

  • Welding of foils  PE-HD, PE-LD, PP, PVC and others
  • Size foils 0,3 till 3mm

Technical parameters

Connection to el. system 230 V 50/60 Hz
Types of weldable materials PE-HD, PE-LD, PP, PVC
Size of material (mm) 0,3 till 3
Drive speed (m/min) 0 till 3,5
Welding pressure (N) till 600
Max. welding temperature (°C) till 505
Weight (kg) 5,3
Free transport of purchased material in SR area
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