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GEOWELD Power 42V -

GEOWELD POWER 42V is a machine mechanically similar as GEOWELD POWER. The difference is its protective operating voltage 42V, which enables onset there, where it is not possible to use a machine with a voltage 220V, whetrer because of reasons  of high moisture of enviroment, regulations, etc.

General information

Device Geoweld POWER 42V is a machine mechanically similar as Geoweld POWER on which it is based. Except a change of operating voltage on 42V another change is a derating of the machine, because control unit is placed separately and it is connected with a wedge by rugged cable. Beacuse of that Geoweld POWER 42V becomes more mobile than a type POWER.

Basic features

  • More variants for various applications
  • Quality welds by a hot wedge technology
  • Regulation of temperature,pressure and drive speed
  • Easy maintenance and change of parts
  • Wide range of additional equipment

Possibilities of usage

  • Welding of foils from PE-HD, PE-LD, PP, PVC and others
  • Size of foils 0,3 until 3mm

Technical parameters

Connection to el. system 230 V 50/60 Hz
Types of weldable materials PE-HD, PE-LD, PP, PVC
Size of material (mm) 0,3 till 3
Drive speed (m/min) 0 till 3,5
Welding pressure (N) till 600
Max. welding temperature (°C) till 505
Weight (kg) 5,3 + external control unit
Free transport of purchased material in SR area
Free technical advisory service
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