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WEG 22

High-voltage flash-over device WEG 100 serves for a cotrol of welds on plastic tanks, welds on pipes or foils. Further, it can be used for a control of integrity of rubberized or plastic plaque on metal base. It excels with a small abrasion, contactless production of sparks and by a large number of additional brushes and electrodes for a control of various types of material. WEG 22 is a cheaper alternative of device WEG 100 and does not have declaration of conformity.

Basic features

  • regulated setting of an electrical voltage from 10 to 55kV
  • Maintenance-free, independent of the voltage drops thanks to integrated management of voltage stabilization
  • Reliable performance, long life
  • Easy and safety holding
  • Wide range of additional brushes and electrodes
  • On request also as a complete testing set in a carrying case


  • Control of quality of tanks, pipes and foils welds
  • Control of surface integrity
  • It is not intended for long-life usage (according producer 30min working activities / 30 min pause)

Available variants

  • Basic set

Contains a device WEG 22 and basic flexible electrode

  • Complete set

Contains a case, all types of nozzles and electrodes, 2 pieces of extension rods, alternative voltage generator and sparks adjuster

Testing nozzles and electrodes

Základní ohebná elektroda W12138

Basic flexible electrode-length 150mm

Prodlužovací tyčka W12142

Extension rod- length 200mm

Ocelová kartáčová elektroda W10769

Steel brush electrode- width 150mm

Špičatá elektroda W12141

Pointed electrode

Mosazný testovací kartáč W12140

Brass testing brush-width 230mm

Síťovaný testovací kartáč W11012

Mesh testing brush –width 250mm

Technical parameters

Power supply

220V 50/60 Hz
Výstupní el. napětí variable 10 till 55 kV / 100 Hz
Size of controlled material 30 mm
Weight 1,5kg
Dimensions 200 x 270 x 60 mm
Free transport of purchased material in SR area
Free technical advisory service
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