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Type BV

Wegener bending machines of lineup BV present an economic variant of bending of thermoplastic materials during hot. Bending machines of lineup BV are produced in two working widths 2 and 3m. they enable to perform a bending of sheets in sizes 2 and 15mm and with respect on the lowest costs, there is no optional equipment offered with the machine.

General informotion

Wegener BV is a basic lineup of a bending machines. Machine is equipped with two contact heaters for a bending PP, PE and PVC of sizes 2 and 15mm in angle 0 till 95. Control panel of the machine enables an enter of all parametres that are important for a bending performance. For selecting a place there is a stop device. Bending machines of lineup BV enables to perform only one bend durinf one working cycle. Setting of the correction of a bending line is necessary to perform manualy.

Basic information

  • Bending of thermoplastic materials of size 2 until 15mm
  • Two variants with a working width 2 or 3m
  • Bending angle 0 until 95
  • Stop devices for a selecting of bending place
  • Upper and lower heater for a contact bend of PP, PE, PVC

Possibilities of usage

  • Bending of thermoplastic sheets
  • Production of tanks, purifiers and air technology

Technical parametres

Length of machine  (mm) 2 800 3 800
Width of machine (mm) 1 800
Heigth of machine (mm) 1 200
Total weight  (kg) 800 925
Max. working width (mm) 2 050 3 050
Size of material (mm) 2 until 15
Min. cross-section of a welding profile (mm)) 250 x 250 270 x 250
Connection to el.system 230V 50/60 Hz
Air connection (bar) 8 until 10
Input (kVA) 4,5 6,5
Free transport of purchased material in SR area
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