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Aluminium greenhouses

Hliníkové skleníky -

Aluminium greenhouses width 185cm

Greenhouse is produced from aluminium profiles. We supply itin four sizes. Width and height are always same.
W= 185cm and h=209cm, lengths are:
-248cm(type 6x8-area of a greenhouse cca 4,6m2)
-310cm (type6x10-area of a greenhouse cca 5,7m2)
-370cm (type 6x12-area of a greenhouse cca 6,9m2)
-430cm(type 6x14-area of a greenhouse cca 8,0m2)

Height of a side wall is away 128cm

Greenhouse is supplied only in one version including a glazing

AL construction+basis+glazing from a twin-wall polycarbonate sheets of size 4mm-quality doublewall polycarbonate with UV-filter.

Package includes onewing doors on a hings (SxV of a hole...), AL profiles, glazing, one roof ventilation window with a manual opening, connecting material, basis from galvanized sheet metal.

Revolutionary way of a glazing, that increases stability and firmness of the whole greenhouse-polycarbonate glazing is inserted all the way around into aluminium profiles.

It is possible to build a greenhouse on a brick (concrete) base or directly on the basis from galvanized sheet metal (supplied in a package)

It is also possible to buy a lineup of a superior equipment- shelves, racks, another roof ventilation windows, automatic openers to these windows, thermometers, moisture meters, sprinkling systems, electric resistance heating of a soil.

We supply a greenhouse as a building kit with a detailed installation instructions.

Aluminium greenhouses for supply up to 5 days




Price with DPH

248 cm
one roof window  area 4,6m2


hliníkový skleník 6x8

Twin-wall polycarbonate



310 cm
one roof window  area5,7m2


hliníkový skleník 6x10

twin-wall polycarbonate

size 4mm


370 cm
one roof window area 6,9m2  basis

Hliníkový skleník 6x12

Twin-wall polycarbonate



430 cm
one roof window  area 8,0m2


hlinikovy sklenik 6x14

Twin-wall polycarbonate



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